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Nina Nguyen

2nd year medical student at University of Sherbrooke. Reproductive health including AIDS local officer, global heath enthusiast, speaks 4, soon 5, languages. Foreign literature lover.

RM: Harm & Help

Saying goodbye has to be the task that I hate the most, especially after having met so many passionate and motivated medical students from all over the Americas. Discussions and debates, but also smiles and laughs, shaped our blossoming friendships throughout the standing committee sessions. As a reward after days of small working groups, we…

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RM: Great Expectations

Finally, after three days spent in standing committee session at the RM, I can now realize how much I grew to appreciate the diversity the Americas possess. Unlike the pre-RM, the RM is a more serious event, meant to be a place to discuss and exchange opinions rather than to learn. The RM takes place…

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Pre-RM: Issues & Solutions

Once sightseeing in San Salvador’s main neighbourhoods was over, I headed to the pre-RM’s hotel stacked in a taxi with only three fellow IFMSA-Québec delegates. I’ve been in Central America for only a few days, but I’m already used to local habits: I made rice and frijol (fried red beans) my staple food, jammed to…

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