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Susan Ge

Renewed and Back to Reality

It has been a mere few days since the end of the RM in El Salvador. I am back home in Montreal, back to classes, studying, snow and routine. From this point of view, the RM feels like a faraway dream. I had an unforgettable  time, met amazing friends from all over the Americas, learned…

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Time Flies

Time has flown this past week. I feel like only yesterday we were at the Pre-RM and in the blink of an eye, we are already two nights away from the end of the RM. This saddens me as I prepare myself to bid farewell to dear friends that I have come to know, and…

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Always Something New to Learn

It is 3:00am local time and Day 2 of the Pre-RM in El Salavador has come to a close. So much has already taken place and everyday there are new discoveries to be made, new wonders to behold and new things to learn.   I am taking part of the “Exchanges” session of the Pre-RM…

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New Year Resolutions

2013 has arrived with warm sunlight reflecting off the sparkling white snow banks and the sting of a crisp winter breeze on my cheeks. What a beautiful start to what promises to be an exciting year! And with the heralding of every New Year, comes a fresh start, an opportunity to make changes, evolve and…

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A Great Adventure Awaits

I believe travelling is the best way to open our minds and our hearts to new ideas and possibilities. Travelling is how we meet people who are so very different from us in perspective, customs and traditions, but who with time and conversation, we discover are so fundamentally the same. We are human no matter…

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